Daily notes : From a murderer to a saint !


St Paul (he was formerly called Saul) lived as a persecutor and a murderer of Christians and a destroyer of the church of God. He then began to preach that Jesus of Nazareth is the Jewish Messiah and the Son of God.   He writes in his epistle to the Galatian church (located in the highlands of central Anatolia (Ankara) in modern Turkey).

 “I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that the gospel I preached is not of human origin. I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.”( Galatians 1 : 11-12)

The question is why would Jesus have had chosen Paul to be His apostle in his first century world? Couldn’t Jesus find someone else who was better than Paul? It is evident that God may choose anyone regardless of his/her background/race to serve Him and to be His representative for His Kingdom.  Those who are willing to submit and obey His calling will be equipped to work and to accomplish His great plans on this earth.


Catatan harian : Dari seorang pembunuh menjadi rasul

Rasul Paulus ( awalnya bernama Saulus ) hidup sebagai penganiaya, pembunuh orang –orang Kristen serta perusak gereja-gereja mereka. Dia mulai mengabarkan berita injil Tuhan Yesus sebagai utusan dan anak tunggal Allah setelah mengalami “pertemuan” dengan Yesus dalam perjalanannya ke Damaskus dan dia menjadi buta sesaat. Dalam surat-suratnya pada jemaat-jemaat di Galatia dia menuliskan :

Sebab aku menegaskan kepadamu, saudara-saudaraku, bahwa Injil yang kuberitakan itu bukanlah injil manusia. Karena aku bukan menerimanya dari manusia, dan bukan manusia yang mengajarkannya kepadaku, tetapi aku menerimanya oleh penyataan Yesus Kristus. ( Galatia 1:11-12).

Pertanyaannya adalah kenapa Yesus menunjuk seseorang seperti Paulus untuk menjadi pengabar injil? Tidakkah Yesus dapat mencari orang lain yang hidup dan latar berlakangnya jauh lebih baik ? Ini adalah suatu bukti bahwa Tuhan memilih orang-orang untuk melayaniNya bukan berdasarkan latar belakang/kultur/pendididikan derajat dll.  Mereka yang ingin, patuh dan mengabdi pada Tuhan akan dilengkapi untuk menjalani pekerjaan dan rencana besar Allah di bumi ini.



Lord, I trust You…

When we face a certain situation often we do not know what to pray, how to pray and when to pray. This is a normal thing in the life of believer. It is not a sign of weakness like the world sees it but it is the evidence that we need God’s direction. We don’t know the answer of everything but God knows. Jesus who is at the right hand of God the Father is interceding for us. God loves us and through Christ alone God sees us worthy.  For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, simply put Christ is everything to us.

The access to the throne of God to obtain what we need has been granted to us through Christ. God the Father has given Him all authority in heaven and on earth. In Christ God’s power manifests, the wisdom of heaven is revealed and the treasure of His heavenly throne is unfolded.

Christ commands us to abide in Him and to be in constant communion with His Spirit so we could face and overcome every challenging or difficult situation. He communicates with us by His Holy Spirit. We gain assurance and strength in His supremacy by abiding in His word in faith.

There was a time in my life where I couldn’t see where I was going. I felt that all doors seemed to be closed before me and there was no way out for me to come out from such a difficult and complicated situation. One thing I was sure Christ’s love would never depart from me, I was not alone He would never leave me nor forsake me, that is His promise !!

I surrendered myself to God and relied on Him completely. I only knew little about faith but I trusted Him. The Holy Spirit gently guided my way to come out from that situation and I thank Him for that.

When Jesus said to the disciples  : “ Do not let your heart be troubled believe in God, believe also in Me “ ( John 14:1). Here Jesus knew that they felt anxious if they had to face the world alone without Him. His word gave them assurance and comfort to their hearts that they would meet Him again and He would come back for them.

Trusting God is a decision to surrender and to submit to His authority and power.  We must put our dependence completely in Him and fix our eyes on the Cross. Set our mind only on His heavenly purposes. The bible says “ His judgements are unsearchable and His ways past finding out “ Our mind cannot comprehend them, our thought unable to measure the depth of His riches of wisdom and knowledge. Often the plan that Satan has created to deceive and destroy us (God’s children) God would use it as an opportunity to strengthen our faith if we endure the suffering. He could turn the situation around to benefit us.  

We must not let our emotion conquer our soul, we must not allow our feelings dominate our spirit.  We should learn diligently to enter Christ’s rest by trusting Him. Those who do this cannot be easily intimidated and troubled by any tough situation that they may experience.

 Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides forever. (Psalm 125 :1)

Only by the power and the work of the Holy Spirit in our heart His grace shall lead us to His rest. It shall empower  us to trust Him and it shall bring us to the place of peace in the storms of doubt and perplexity.


HE is so gentle

(In English and Indonesian languages)

In a time of confusion he speaks, in a time of uncertainty he shows the way, in a time of doubt in heart he whispers the word of God. Gentleness is his character. The heart that surrenders to him and obeys to his directions will always be clothed with hope.  The word of God is his breath, it releases power that gives clarity, assurance, security and peace to those who believe him. A faithful teacher, a comforter and a helper for all of us. 

He was there before the heaven and earth were created. He walked with Moses to lead over 600,000 children of Israel out of Egypt. He opened Isaiah’s mouth and the anointing of God was upon him to prophesy of the coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the holy one who would heal the brokenhearted, who would proclaim liberty to the captives and to release those who are bound.

He is the one who brought Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones. He instructed Ezekiel to prophesy to those bones to live. “ O dry bones hear the word of God”. Soon after the prophecies were spoken suddenly there was a noise, rattling and the bones come together. The sinews and the flesh came upon them, the breath came into them and they live stood upon their feet an exceedingly great army.

In the Jordan river when Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist the heavens were opened to Jesus. The Spirit was descending like a dove and alighting upon Jesus. The voice of God the father was heard saying “this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”.

How long should we continue rely to on our own efforts?  How far should we continue walking on our own abilities?  He comes to testify the fullness of Christ. He gives wisdom and understanding to those who are willing to hear his voice. He speaks the only TRUTH that gives lives to all who seek him. He reigns in the heart of believers who honour his presence. He doesn’t force his way to those who are not willing to receive him.

Often I experience of him speaking through visions and dreams to reveal a heavenly plan so I can pray. When we draw near to him, he will draw near to us. When we rely on him, he is faithful to help us. He searches our heart, he reads our mind and he sees our desire. If they are opposing his way, he quickly reminds us to turn our back from it so we won’t fall.  He put something in our heart to pray though sometimes we don’t know why and how to pray about it. All he wants is our obedience and receptive heart to follow his instruction.

Don’t we want more of him? Shouldn’t we just allow him to continue reigning in our heart? He is sent from heaven to reveal the things in spirit so we might know what God has freely given to us.

In Christ, he is the  guarantee of our inheritance after we heard the message of truth the gospel of our salvation and believed it, we were marked and sealed in him until the redemption of those who are God’s possession.

John 16 : 13-14

However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.

He is the Spirit of God, The Spirit of truth who leads us to walk in truth, to understand and to obey the truth. He is the Holy Spirit and He is so gentle….

Dia begitu lembut

Pada saat kita bingung Dia berbicara, pada saat kita merasa tak tenang dan hilang arah Dia tunjukan jalan, pada saat kita ragu Dia membisikan firman Allah di hati kita. Lemah lembut adalah kharakter yang Dia miliki.  Hati yang berserah padaNya dan patuh akan bimbinganNya akan selalu diselimuti oleh harapan dalam kasih. Firman Allah adalah nafasNya yang melahirkan kuasa yang dapat memberikan kejelasan, rasa tentram, rasa tenang, rasa aman dan damai di hati mereka yang percaya. Dia adalah pengajar, penghibur dan penolong bagi kita semua.

Dia  ada sebelum sorga dan bumi diciptakan. Dia berjalan dengan Musa untuk membawa  lebih dari 600,000 orang-orang Israel  keluar dari Mesir. Dia membuka mulut Yesaya dan mengurapinya dan bernubuat tentang kedatangan Yesus Kristus, Anak Tunggal Allah yang kudus yang akan menyampaikan   kabar baik kepada orang-orang sengsara,  merawat orang-orang yang remuk hati, memberitakan pembebasan kepada orang-orang tawanan, dan kepada orang-orang yang terkurung  dalam penjara kehidupan.

Dia yang membawa Yehezkiel ke lembah yang dipenuhi dengan tulang –tulang kering. Memerintahkan Yahezkiel untuk bernubuat atas tulang –tulang kering untuk hidup kembali. “ Hi tulang-tulang yang kering dengarkanlah firman Tuhan.” Segera setelah nubuat-nubuat  diucapkan maka terdengar suara derak  tulang-tulang yang bertemu satu sama lain, dan urat serta daging dan kulit melapisinya,  bernafas dan hidup kembali  menjadi tentara yang besar.

Di Sungai Yordan pada saat Yesus selesai dibaptis oleh Yohanes pembaptis langit terbuka dan Dia turun seperti burung merpati  ke atasNya diringi dengan suara Allah Bapa yang mengatakan “ Inilah Anak-Ku yang Kukasihi dan kepada-Nyalah aku berkenan”.

Seberapa lama kita terus mengantungkan hidup kita pada usaha dan daya upaya sendiri ? Seberapa jauh kita terus berjalan dengan mengandalkan pada kemampuan sendiri? Dia datang untuk memberikan kesaksian pada umat manusia tentang kebenaran anak tunggal Allah Yesus Kristus. Dia memberikan hikmat dan pengertian sorgawi pada mereka yang bersedia mendengar suara lembutnya. Dia hanya berbicara tentang kebenaran yang memberikan kehidupan dalam Kristus bagi mereka yang benar-benar mencariNya. Dia bertahta dan memerintah di dalam hati orang-orang percaya yang menghormati keberadaanNya dan kehadiranNya, namun tak pernah memaksakan kehendakNya pada mereka yang menolak untuk menerimaNya.

Seringkali saya alami Dia berbicara melalui penglihatan dan mimpi untuk menyampaikan rencana Sorgawi. Pada saat kita mendekatkan diri, Dia kan lebih dekat lagi dengan kita. Pada saat kita bergantung padaNya Dia akan setia membantu kita. Dia dapat meneliti hati kita, mengetahui pikiran kita dan melihat kerinduan dan keinginan di hati kita. Apabila hal ini bertentangan dengan jalanNya Dia mengingatkan kita untuk bertolak dan menghindari hal-hal tersebut agar kita tidak jatuh.

Dia menyelipkan sesuatu di hati kita agar kita dapat berdoa walaupun kadang kita tidak tahu kenapa, bagaimana dan untuk apa. Yang Dia inginkan adalah kepatuhan dan hati yang terbuka untuk terus melangkah dan mengikuti segala perintahNya.

Tidakkah kita menginginkan kehadiranNya lebih lagi ? Tidakkah seharusnya kita biarkan dia bertahta dalam hati kita selamanya?

Dia dikirim dari Sorga untuk menunjukan pada kita segala sesuatu dalam roh agar kita tahu dan mengerti apa yang Allah Bapa di Sorga telah sediakan bagi kita.  Setelah kita mendengar firman kebenaran yaitu injil keselamatan bagi kita dalam Kristus dan kita percaya akan janji-janji Kristus maka Dia yang telah memateraikannya.

 Yohanes 16 :13-14

Tetapi apabila Ia datang, yaitu Roh Kebenaran, Ia akan memimpin kamu ke dalam seluruh kebenaran; sebab Ia tidak akan berkata-kata dari diri-Nya sendiri, tetapi segala sesuatu yang didengar-Nya itulah yang akan dikatakan-Nya dan Ia akan memberitakan kepadamu hal-hal yang akan datang. Ia akan memuliakan Aku, sebab Ia akan memberitakan kepadamu apa yang diterimanya dari pada-Ku.

Dia adalah Roh Allah, Roh kebenaran yang telah memimpin kita semua berjalan dalam kebenaran, mengerti akan kebenaran dan mematuhi kebenaran.  Dia adalah Roh Kudus dan Dia begitu lembut…..